aka Miranda

  • I live in Frederick Maryland
  • I was born on September 16
  • I am Female
  • Azuegirly

    The other day discussing information on the novel Lord of the Flies my english teacher makes a refrence to torchwood and my bestie, who is also a Whovian tuned to me at the same time i turned to her and she and I said "oh my god!" "oh my god!" in the middle of class slapping each others hands in excitement for around five minutes then she turns to me and says "Wait! Does this mean she watches Doctor Who?" Me quoting the tenth doctor said "Oh Yes!"

    Then today during class me and my bestie asked our dear english teacher if in fact she did watch Doctor Who. She replied yes of course and me and my bestie had yet another freak out moment and the pretty much the rest of class me, my bestie, and our dear english teacher went into a complete Doctor…

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