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Ghosts o Winterbourne. The fourth P.R.O.B.E movie

P.R.O.B.E was Doctor Who's first ongoing spinnoff. It lasted for 4 movies.

The Zero ImperativeEdit

The Zero Imperative was the first P.R.O.B.E movie. It was released in 1994

The Devil of WinterborneEdit

The Devil of Winterbourne was the second P.R.O.B.E movie. It was released in 1995

Unnatural SelectionEdit

Unnatural Selection was the third P.R.O.B.E  movie. It was released in 1996

Ghosts of WinterbourneEdit

Ghosts of Winterbourne is the fourth and last P.R.O.B.E movie. It was released in 1996


Originally, all of the P.R.O.B.E movies were rated 15+ by the BBFC (except for Ghosts of Winterbourne, which was rated 12+) for violence. When they were later re released on DVD and the BBFC's censorship had calmed down, two versions were made. First, the 12+ version. These DVDs were just the same as usual (except for some cuts made to Ghosts of Winterbourne) and they were rated 12+ . Second, the U versions. These were heavily cut, but evry one was rated U